Sunday, February 5, 2017

Four Years Running!

We work hard for our brides and it's amazing to be recognized by them.    Thank you!

Monday, October 24, 2016

For Anne

I have a whole post floating about in my head......when push comes to shove, and there are weddings, and family, and kids and their activities the blog takes the brunt of what goes to the bottom of the pile.  So while you can all enjoy these pretties, this post is specifically aimed at one special bride.  

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Been a Long Time

So I have no idea when I last blogged.  Last season was a beautiful, flowery whirlwind.  Then came the Holidays, then my Dad was hospitalized twice.  The first time ended up being a blessing in disguise, because it was during that hospitalization that they noticed something just wasn't quite right with his heart.  A triple bypass later, and a very rough recovery life is finally getting back to normal.  And by normal I mean the crazy harried life that involves, three kids (8,6,2), their activities, and flowering.  While my "normal" is pretty crazy, I will take it over the stress and worry that I felt when my dad was in the hospital any day.  My dad is my Chuppah builder, my babysitter, he will come to help at a moments notice and I am beyond thankful that he is going to be ok.  I am beyond thankful that he ended up in the hospital that first time, because it saved his life.  With all that said my "normal" is pretty awesome and I'm so happy to be back to it.

This wedding happened during the "normal" of the end of last season.  The couple and I got along so well and having meetings with them felt like hanging out with friends.  We started out with an all white color palette, then I suggested doing hoops for the bridesmaids.  I was trying the idea out for a photo shoot and told the brides to look at the pictures and we could decide from there.  Then the brides saw some of my designs on instagram, with more color, deeper colors.   So that was incorporated into the design.   And then the bride started to feel that her bouquet, which was going to be traditional and white, might not compare when next to the bridesmaids hoops.   She told me to create something dramatic, something that the hoops looked like an accessory to.  And I did a little happy dance.  My advice for brides out there.  Find a designer you like, one that works in the style you are looking for, one you could totally hand things over and know that you can completely trust that they understand your vision.

All the fabulous images are from the talented Erin H. Photography 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Featured on Style Me Pretty

Wedding season = I hardly get a chance to sit and blog…so I'll let Style Me Pretty speak for me.  This wedding was a year in the making, and it was beyond amazing working with this bride.   Letting these ideas out of head and seeing them come to life was an incredible experience.  Click text below to see more!


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Munaluchi Bridal Shabby Chic Wedding Ideas

I'm in the process of cleaning up the blog, adding widgets, removing widgets and the such.  Doing some things more successfully than others.  My husband is patiently waiting for me to get off the computer and watch the Walking Dead with him, we are 3 episodes behind.  I've been writing proposals like a mad woman, which is all good, but it is cutting in on the Zombies.   So since I can't get my featured widget for Munaluchi to work I'll send you to the link here for now.  I did this shoot last May the day after a wedding, with the weekend before being my largest wedding to date.  I was exhausted and I even laid down on the grass at the end of the day.  But wow, I love these images and am so happy to be part of The Coterie and Munaluchi Bridal, it was all worth it. 

It's been a while...

So the last time I posted was way, way back in December.  Then the holidays hit, then New Year's, then proposal season, as this time of year is known to those in the industry, hit and the requests for proposals started flooding in.  And there was the Lovesick Expo and a styled shoot.   (Which I can't wait to share!)  So there really isn't a ton of downtime even in the off months but… when there's been free moments I've spent my time with family and friends, because they are the ones that fuel me….if life really was all work and no play Tracey would be a very unhappy floral designer.

So for my birthday I went to Sundance and met up with one of my best friends who lives in Cali and a crew of girls, pretty crazy right.  I saw a few films, some that left me thinking WTH, but in a good way, one that I totally cried my way through only to find out at the end so did all the friends I was with.    I even spent one beautiful, glorious day snowboarding at Park City.  That is my idea of heaven.   This trip was the single longest time I've been away from my kids and husband in probably about 7 years, so ever.   It was such a strange feeling for me to just be…leaving the house with just my purse and not thinking of all the things I needed to pick up, how long will we be out, will the kids need a snack, how long to I have before someone needs to be picked up, or how much time do we have until the baby naps….I was just able to go.  And even though I love my family it was nice.  
Weekends at home have been spent playing in the snow with the kids, going to dance classes, and taking them snowboarding.  My son who is 7 and I rode down from the top of the mountain side by side this year, and even though he had a few falls (mainly because, as he said it "I like to go in the ditches")  It was a moment I've been looking forward to.  My 5 year old is in her second year on the mountain and still on the bunny hill, but she's brave and was so very proud of herself for the progress she made…and so am I.  

For Easter the family, and extended family, will be headed to our favorite vacation spot, Vieques, Puerto Rico.   No traffic lights, we rent a Jeep….another thing would classify as heaven to me, calm waters, the most beautiful beaches….I'm there already, after I make the lists, get the sunscreen, pack for 3 kids…it will all be worth it in the end.  I'll come back to the start of wedding season, and I won't see downtime in an extended time frame like this again until November.   So with my busiest wedding season yet I'm excited to jump into 2015.

Since the first time I touched flowers this year was for the Lovesick Expo I figure I'll show you some of that pretty.  Thank you so much to Mikkel Paige Photography for capturing these lovely images.

Friday, December 19, 2014

The "outrageous" cost of wedding flowers

A must read for all prospective brides, we aren't trying to swindle you, we don't hack up the price just because it's a wedding…really,  a good trusted florist doesn't do this and if you don't trust your florist you need to find a new one, in all honesty if you don't trust any of your vendors don't book them, listen to your gut!

A warning, the article is long,  you really won't believe how hard we work to make all the pretty on your pinterest come to life.  So when you've had enough of the family this Holiday Season, sneak away with your phone, iPad, computer hunker down and read this article.